Swimming in the Sea of Plenty


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One of the most difficult and frustrating things about starting your own business is trying to get attention in the sea of plenty. As a jewelry artist I find that I am but a nano-second in time. There are millions of other talented artisans out there who are making a living doing what they love. How do they get there? Seriously, I’d like to know!

I am not the most patient of people (I can hear my husband snigger) and I can’t stand to just ‘sit and wait.’ But one thing I am learning in this process is that I have limited control over a desired outcome. I cannot force it. Take a deep breath and learn to let things be. Why is this so hard?

If I am honest with myself I think I have made tremendous progress in the last two years But (always a ‘but’) shouldn’t I be further along by now? I guess I will get there albeit at a slower pace than I prefer but it beats the alternative.


Golden Globes!!!


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Minabea will be gifting 100 lucky celebrities and VIPS in the 2013 Golden Globes Celebrity Lounge!! Woo hoo! Now the hard part — I’ve got to make all the gifts, oi vey! I’m thinking of doing a Keum boo necklace which is an ancient Korean jewelry technique whereby 24 karat thin gold is fused with sterling silver metal. Unfortunately this is a costly and timely project but I thought something ‘golden’ and ‘globe-like’ might be appropriate!

Stay tuned for updates!

She’s Making Jewelry Now!


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I love the show Portlandia and recently a fellow jeweler posted this on Facebook. It’s really funny in so many ways. As someone who had a ‘professional career’ earlier in life, my decision to make jewelry has presented more trials than triumphs. Don’t get me wrong — I love it and it’s what I want to do but starting one’s own business is tough. You have to wear many hats and produce products when all you want to do is create.

But the reason I relate to the video is because I’m sure my friends and family have felt that I was going through a mid-life crisis or a personality disorder! They probably thought, “Just give her some time, she’ll come around” or “OMG, really? What’s it going to be next week, circus performer?”

It’s so cliché — “making jewelry.” Gotta love it or you’ll go insane.

Crystals and Jewelry


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Recently I’ve really been into crystals. I’ve collected fluorite, kyanite, amethyst and all types of quartz. As you probably know, crystals have many metaphysical properties and I’ve noticed that when wearing some of my crystal pieces interesting things occur. For example — a fateful moment with someone I haven’t seen in a while or an intense dream that heralds the future.

This necklace is made from natural raw crystal quartz and blue kyanite points.

Metaphysical Properties:

Clear quartz crystal is the universal stone and a pure and powerful energy source. It receives, activates, stores, transmits, and amplifies energy, stimulates brain functions and activates all levels of consciousness. It is excellent for meditation and brings harmony to the soul. Quartz crystals are often used for protection and modifying bad vibrations.

Kyanite is a stone of attunement and good for communication, mental and psychic awareness. It enhances telepathic communication and assists in lucid dreaming.

So…stay tuned for more crystal musings and jewelry!

Sorry to see you go…


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I sold this necklace recently and although I was glad to have a sale I was sad to see it go as it is one of my favorite pieces.  I found the antique keyhole at Liz’s Loft on La Brea Ave. and added some blue briolette drops on 14k gold chain.  The blue gems really compliment  the patina and I love the decorative scrolling vine pattern.  A lovely woman purchased it the Redondo Beach Fine Jewelry & Antiques Show in July.